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SEO Reports

Seolize can produce some great graphical charts (reports) to be used in your presentations based on the content found within a website after scanning all your pages.
Such reports can be integrated into your own presentations or documents/reports giving you great flexibility on the presentation side of the data, instead of presenting a report which cannot be modified. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or PDF. Reports range from information on a single page to information on the whole website. Seolize Graph report
Top Keywords Graph Report

The following are the list of available graphical reports:
  • Keywords or page
  • Top Keywords or page
  • Keywords of all pages
  • Top Keywords of all pages
  • Links of page
  • Links of all pages
  • Link Scope of page
  • Link Scope of all pages
  • Link Type of page
  • Link Type of Website
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